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European Union Region’s Operational Project Leading to Air Transport Networking and Information Exchange  |  Intereg III C East Zone, 01 Mar 2006–31 Dec 2007
Air Berlin at Rostock-Laage Airport (DE)
Air Berlin at Rostock-Laage Airport (DE)
pilot training at Ljungbyhed Airport (SE)
Pilot training at Ljungbyhed Airport (SE)
Gliders at Vallee d'Aoste Airport (IT)
Gliders at Vallee d'Aoste Airport (IT)
Poznań Ławica Airport terminal (PL)
Poznań Ławica Airport terminal (PL)
On 14 February 2008, EUROPLANE partners and other interested organisations and individuals are invited to a Meeting and Workshop "Web Content Management for regional airports" at the Airport Eberswalde-Finow. Read more...

Outline of the EUROPLANE project

The main objective of the EUROPLANE project is to promote the durability, function, accessibility and sustainable existence of regional airports in the EU by interregional co-operation and best practice information exchange. The achievement of this objective shall be supported by the consideration of instruments for regional development such as ERDF European Regional Development Funds and PSO (Public Service Obligations).

Following sub-objectives have been defined to reach this overall aim:

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