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BMT Transport Solutions GmbH

Contact details

Street: Karpfangerstr. 14
City: D-20459 Hamburg
Country: Germany
Web site:
Contact: Detlev Fischer
Email: df [ a t ]
Telephone: +49-(0)40-36 00 664-16
Fax: +49-(0)40-36 00 664-29

About BMT

BMT Transport Solutions GmbH is a subsidiary of British Maritime Technology Ltd (BMT) offering strategic business advice to the transport sector and developing sustainable, efficient and effective European transport solutions.

BMT Transport Solutions is active in the following areas:

BMT Transport Solution's task in EUROPLANE

BMT Transport Solution supports partners by taking care of dissemination (e.g. the design and maintenance of the EUROPLANE website, and the creation of the project leaflet and a brochure documenting the results). This work is part of work component 1 Management & co-ordination.

Last update: 06 February 2007

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