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UNICONSULT Universal Transport Consulting GmbH

Contact details

Street: Burchardkai 1
City: D-21129 Hamburg
Country: Germany
Web site:
Contact 1: Hartmut Beyer
Email: h.beyer [ a t ]
Telephone: +49-(0)40-74 008 107
Fax: +49-(0)40-32 27 64
Contact 2: Nils Levsen
Email: n.levsen [ a t ]
Telephone: +49-(0)40-74 008 110
Fax: +49-(0)40-32 27 64


UNICONSULT Universal Transport Consulting GmbH was founded in October 1977. The firm's name stands for an independent Management Consultant in the transport sector with experience gained in more than 200 projects world wide.

UNICONSULT's airport and air traffic consulting services include i.a.:

Due to 25 years of project management experiences there exist strong customer oriented principles in fast and direct communication with the customer, short decision processes, on-time project execution and qualified costs controlling.

When working on the customer's project we pay attention to the overall process and consider the technical and commercial system approach instead of focusing on one issue only. Networking thinking is of the essence in all fields of today's life and will be applied also in the projects to face the challenges in this fast changing business. Due to rapid changes in the growing aviation industry no company can provide all necessary expertise on its own. UNICONSULT lives the policy to use its world-wide communication and information network with numerous international aviation consulting firms and experts. Depending on the specific aviation project we employ an individual team of dedicated experts or co-operate with specialised transport consultants with an excellent know-how and experience in their field. That ensures the integration of specific required and international proven know-how at competitive prices to the benefit of the customer's project.

Apart from airport and air traffic consulting services, UNICONSULT is also active in other transport modes and their handling centres, such as:

The diversified expertise implies a significant advantage for the aviation industry projects when knowing about theories and developments implemented in other transport sectors. Identified analogy enables a qualified understanding on possible future developments in the aviation industry and leads to new ideas in the field of problem solution. Additionally, due to UNICONSULT's inter-modal background not only the pure air transport but also the overall transport chain (including ground transport) and its processes can be easily covered by the existing knowledge and experiences.

Uniconsult's tasks in europane

Uniconsult supports partners through the overall Management & co-ordination of the EUROPLANE project. It also supports the work in work component 2 Analysis of regional airports' constraints and challenges, airport development strategies.

Last update: 28 August 2007

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