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Ljungbyhed Airport – Ljungbyheds Flygplats (SE)

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Web site:
Organisation: Ljungbyheds Flygplats
Street: Thulinvägen 5A
City: 260 70 Ljungbyhed
Country: Sweden
Contact: Hans-Göran Dahl
Email: hans-goran.dahl [ a t ]
Telephone: +46 43 5440021
Fax: +46 43 440021

Overview of Ljungbyhed Airport and the municipality of Klippan

Ljungbyhed Airport
Aerial view of Ljungbyhed Airport
(© Lund University School of Aviation)
Beautiful countryside around the Söderåsen ridge
Beautiful countryside around the Söderåsen ridge (© Klippans Kommun)
Fishing near Klippan
Fishing near Klippan (© Klippans Kommun)

A well-positioned airport. The location of Ljungbyhed airport in north-west Scania is strategic and handy, with good infrastructure and excellent communication for both companies and individuals. Close on two million people live within a radius of a hundred kilometres. Only 35 km away, at the narrowest point of Öresund strait between Denmark and Sweden, lies Helsingborg, one of the world's busiest ferry ports, only 4 km from Denmark and the continent.

What Kippan offers. In the centre of Klippan you find small town charm and a full range of amenities within easy reach. There are plenty of specialist small shops, department stores and well-run municipal services. Within a very short distance you will find, for example, banks, post office, food shops, bookshop, shoe shops, pharmacists, electronic equipment shops etc.

Klippan's surroundings. Around Klippan, a peaceful countryside with small rural communities, museums and craft shops await the tourist, which offer many opportunites for activities and cultural tourism.

The economy. In recent times the municipality has also seen the advent of not only a number of large internationally oriented transport firms such as DHL Solution AB and hauliers such as Nils Hanssons Åkeri in Ljungbyhed, but also a variety of other types of business such as Melitta Scandinavia AB, Celest Paper Klippan AB, the wool factory Klippans Yllefabrik, the printing press Ljungbergs Tryckeri, the vehicle safety firm Klippan Safety and the world's largest producer of gelatine, Gelitta Sweden AB.

Opportunities nearby. Sweden's Helsingborg and its Danish neighbour Ellsinore across the strait offer you plenty of shopping, department stores, hypermarkets, culture and entertainment. And it will only take you about an hour by car, train or bus to get to Malmö and all its offering-and the Öresund bridge. The bridge takes you right into the heart of Copenhagen with all its capital city entertainment and sightseeing. All this puts Klippan within easy reach of a huge range of attractions for a day's outing. Klippan´s favourable location also enables you to do day outings by car, bus or train to Germany, especially Lübeck and Hamburg.

Transport. The Klippan area is linked by fast rail services to Helsingborg and Hässleholm/Krisitianstad and from there you can easily and quickly travel on to Lund/Malmö/Copenhagen, Stockholm or Gothenburg. The area is connected to both European and national highways. As for air transport, it takes 25 minutes to reach Ängelholm airport offering domestic flights, while getting to Sturup Aiport (Malmö) takes less than an hour by car. And you can get to Copenhagen Airport in about 90 minutes by car, bus or train.

Klippan and Ljungbyhed Airport

Map of Klippan and Ljungbyhed Airport

Ljungbyhed Airport

Flight training at Ljungbyhed Airport
Flight training at Ljungbyhed Airport
(© Lund University School of Aviation)
Young pilot in training aircraft
Young pilot in training aircraft
(© Lund University School of Aviation)
Ljungbyhed runway

Ljungbyhed, the educational airport. The Swedish region of Skåne is well served with 3 passenger airports. Ljungbyhed Airport has therefore positioned itself as an e. Formerly a military pilot training airport, Ljungbyhed has been converted into a civil aviation training centre in 1998. It is now headed and operated by Lund University School of Aviation. About 70 pilots are trained every year. The adjacent school for maintenance based at the airport has currently 68 pupils.

The training has been going on at the airport since 1911 and today's flying school is the only one in Europe that is part of a university, in the form of Lund University's civil aviation training school, which offers flying training of the highest standard.

Non-aviation activities. Many non-aviation activities use runway and apron, such as car tyre testing, training for lorry drivers, or events for Porsche owners. At public events, up to 2,000 people can be served in one of the hangars. In 2004, the Harley Davidson SuperRally attracted about 15.000 bikers, who spent about €80 per day (including €40 for overnight) and stayed up to five days in and around Ljungbyhed.

Business and Events. The former Swedish Air Force Pilot Training School at Ljungbyhed. F5 is now redeveloped as one of Sweden's most attractive business parks, accommodating Lund University's civil aviation training school, SAAB AEROTECH and a number of office, workshop and manufacturing operations. F5 provides a venue which is suitable even for the biggest events. The site comprises 68.000 square metres of attractive rooms and buildings. There are sports facilities, banqueting suites seating 500, a sauna big enough for a whole football team, conference rooms, hotels, a youth hostel, gym facilities, office facilities, restaurants and pubs, and accommodation for up to 800 overnights. Perfect for everything from business meetings to football team training camps.

Class of pilots trained at Ljungbyhed Airport
Class of pilots trained at Ljungbyhed Airport
(© Lund University School of Aviation)
Last update: 24 July 2007

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