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2) Analysis of regional airports' constraints and challenges, airport development strategies

Main activities. The analysis of regional airports' constraints and challenges, airport development strategies includes the following activities:

The aim of the airport analysis. Component 2 focuses on the current challenges and constraints at EUROPLANE partner airports and maps out possible solutions and business development opportunities that can help safeguard continued sustainable operation. The results summarise best practices in EUROPLANE regions and serve as a reference guide for the regional authorities (RA) and for the regional airports (AP) in EUROPLANE, but also beyond, that face similar challenges.

The challenge for regional airports. Without operating air services, or with only a minor volume, the value of a regional airport is limited. In general, regional airports below 500,000 passenger p.a. are not profitable and have to be supported financially by the owner, mostly regional authorities. In order to sustain the important function of an airport for the social, spatial and economic development of a region, the airport's continued existence should be secured. However, due to limited public resources, there is pressure on the responsible regional (transport) authorities' representatives and airport managers to reduce the airport's losses and identify new revenue streams.

SWOT analysis for three airports. For a selection of three EUROPLANE regions/ airports, a SWOT analysis shall be executed under particular consideration of the regions' and airports' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. These profiles shall be compared with other regional European airports (also those involved in former SEABIRD and SEAPLANE projects), which were successful in the identification and development of additional airport business or touristic activities due to regional attractiveness to generate additional income that in turn increases the economic and social opportunities of the region.

Input from airport managers. Component 2 depends on the commitment and practical input of the 12 Europlane airport managers, who will deliver airport data and their specific know how into the component work and workshops.

Expertise. The external expert Uniconsult will support the partners in carrying out this component.

Last update: 24 May 2007

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